Sex Therapy Group Topics


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Click this link below to view a video that beautifully illustrates some of the topics we discuss in this group.


This First Kiss video by Tatia Pilieva is an experiment of having two strangers kiss in front of a camera. Awkward smiles, giggles, and rosy cheeks then soft vulnerable lips connect. A kiss is a romantic gesture, a sense of openness to taking a chance, sharing a sweet side of humanity. Sometimes there is a tongue slipped, or a little bite action, or perhaps a shared breathy exhale.

Research suggests that men transfer testosterone through their saliva, which stimulates a woman’s sex drive. This suggests that the wetter the kiss the better because this helps reproduction and the perpetuation of our species. The rewarding neurotransmitter dopamine spikes with kissing. And the bonding hormone oxytocin rises as well as serotonin rising with a kiss and especially when falling in love. One study found that 66 percent of women and 59 percent of men say that the quality of the first kiss can determine if a friendship can become romantic.


Portland Sex Therapy holds a nonjudgmental and sex-positive perspective. The sex-positive movement started in the mid-fifties embracing a diversity of sexual experiences and sexual freedom for consenting adults. The belief is a feminist notion that sexual liberation is for men, women, and sexually marginalized groups. People have the right to accurate and straightforward sexual health information. Safe sex is seen as an overall healthy and positive human activity that encourages pleasure and experimentation. We create a safe space in a shame free environment.